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5 N 1 Facial Cream has (5) purposes in one (1) Facial Wash, Make-up Remover, Day/Night cream. cold cream, hand and body lotion. Natures Essentials 5 N 1 Facial cream is not only good for washing the face, but great for removing water-less eye make-up. This product is made with “Shea Butter” and essential oils to help nourish the skin and complexion. This is one item in our facial line you don’t want to go without!

All natural “Facial Skin Toner” will tighten, tone, exfoliate, lift the skin along with putting the moisture back into the skin. The “Facial Skin Toner” will not only tighten the skin, but fill in fine lines, wrinkles, close the pores, along with bringing back that youthful look and glow. The toner is very unique in its capabilities such as, cleansing, exfoliating, along with the helping of taking away acne, blemishes and discoloration of the skin. This product along with Natures Essentials “Eye Lift” will bring ultimate results to your skin back to youthfulness! Fantastic Results! A Must TRY!!!!

100% all natural African Shea Butter is used for treating of dry, cracked heals. wrinkled skin, anti-aging along with sunburns, scars, skin irritation, diaper rash, dry hair, fine lines around the eyes, natural facial and eye lift, all natural moisture lock, brings back elasticity, all natural SPF-8, and will take skin age back at least 5-10 years immediately the first time of usage and much, much more. One of the worlds most leading all natural skin treatments for all! Such a Great Skin Miracle Worker! ***Note: Natures Essentials offers Different flavors available along with plain. Flavors to choose from is: Mango, Orange Creamsicle, and Plain (no smell!) When placing order for Shea butter please include a note if you desire one of our flavors. We will automatically send “NON-SCENTED” if scent is not noted. Natures Essentials does not add any additives to the Shea butter in any way.

All natural Natures Essentials “Eye Lift” will tighten, tone, lift, fill in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes immediately. The “Eye Lift” will penetrate 3 layers of skin and help re-activate skin cells to enhance age looking eyes back to youthfulness. Our “Eye Lift” can also be used on the face to help with the re-activating skin cells to its youthfulness immediately. **This dynamic product is a must in the helping of rejuvenating of the eyes back to their youthfulness and a plus to use all over the face and neck for more results. NOTE; Sizing (Small = 1/4 oz) (Medium = 1/2 oz) (Large = 1 oz) (X-Large = 2 oz)

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