About Us

“Nature’s Essentials Products” was previously sold only to the local markets in Clearwater, Florida. As our products began to reach other areas due to vacationers and word of mouth, we discovered that “Nature’s Essential Products” were becoming ever increasingly so popular.

Nature’s Essentials is very well known for the “WORLD’S BEST INSTANT PAIN RELIEF” “OLD REMEDIES”. We at “Nature’s Essentials” are very proud and fond of this dynamic pain relief.  We are now offering “OLD REMEDIES PAIN RELIEF” for all to take advantage of with aches and pains due to injuries and arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, etc.  The best way to relieve deep pain, is to just give our rub in “Nature’s Essentials” “Old Time Remedies” directly where you hurt a try.

We are sure you will agree with us, it is the “WORLDS BEST PAIN RELIEF”!

Now, “Nature’s Essential Products” is sold to customers, shops, businesses and distributors all over the world. “Nature’s Essentials” uses the Internet for 90% of their incoming orders as well as making “Nature’s Essentials” a truly online Natural Product producing company.

Pounds of Shea butter sold